For some couples getting married in the winter is a no-no. It might rain, it would be cold, etc. Then there are couples like Jennifer and Christopher who decided to get married and nothing was stopping them. We are in the depths of winter and there is a global pandemic and they are both thousands of miles away from home but they did it and they did it brilliantly. I've always loved being around weddings and seeing a couple in the heights of their romantic lives, it's so special to see it all up close and through my lens. But the last few months that feeling has been turned up a notch. Weddings are getting smaller but the intensity, excitement, and emotions involved are getting bigger. When you have to reduce the day down to closest friends and family, a small venue, and lose a lot of the trimmings the reason for being there takes center stage when sometimes it can get lost in all the details. Two people saying 'I do' is what it's all about. Whether you are the one saying the words or you are there to witness it, smaller weddings bring the attention back to that all-important moment. This I believe is the beauty of small weddings.

There are plenty of other reasons to love a small wedding too. Being able to treat your guest to a very special meal in a great restaurant and splashing out in an amazing dress would be just two of them. Jennifer and Christopher took their guest to one of my favorite places to eat in town, I classic institute of south innercity Dublin, Ely Wine bar. They had a whole floor to themselves and were made feel very special indeed, it was a cool and elegant affair.

Speaking of cool and elegant, Jennifer was an absolute knock out in Jenny Packham dress. It is honestly one of my all-time favorite dresses (and I've seen a few!) The low winter light made her sparkle all the more.

Thanks to Christoper and Jennifer for bringing me on board, I absolutely loved it.


Dress - Jenny Packham

Flowers - Adonis Flower Designers

Hair Stylist - Lorraine Brown

Makeup artist - Sara Golding

Groom's suit - McGee

Ceremony - Cardinal Newman Church Dublin

Reception - Ely wine bar, Ely Place