To get the very best out of your wedding images I would always recommend having an album professionally designed and printed. I feel my job, as your photographer, is never fully complete until an album is produced. With my albums I'm not just putting pictures into a book, I am also creating a visual story of your day. I design layouts and spreads that will compliment your images, bringing your wedding day to life again. A wedding album may be an extra expense but I see it as a tangible momento of your day, that will stand the test of time. Your album becomes a family heirloom that will always bring you back to your day and show it to generations to come. I often find my girls flicking through our wedding album pointing out family members. it makes me so happy to see.


I have two albums to choose from, The Art Book and the Aria. They all come with 40 pages and 70 images. You can add more if you like.

I have never made the same album twice. There is so many ways to make your album unique to you and your day. This is mostly done through the front cover. There are lots of different cover option. You need to choose a fabric, a colour and how you would like your names to appear on the front. (There are colour and fabric swatches at the end of this page)

Once I know what your book will look like we just need to decide what to put in it. Choosing the photographs for your album can be quite overwhelming for some people and others love doing it. To cater to everyones needs I offer two options. 1 -I choose the photographs for you or 2 - you choose them yourself. Once the photographs are picked I will design the album for you and send you an online draft which you can look through. If there is anything that you would like to change you can add notes to the album, I will then edit it and send you a second draft. Once you are happy with the album I take a deposit and the album goes to print. This usually takes around 4 weeks but can take longer during peak season.

The Artbook

The ArtBook is my flagship album and the most popular choice by far. It’s known for its enduring beauty, classic simplicity, and luxury materials. The ArtBooks are hand-made by some of the finest album artisans in the world. With the art book, you can choose from any cover type giving you the chance to create something very special and unique.

The Art Book is the culmination of unsurpassed beauty, impeccable style, and experienced craftsmanship. Each spread in your ArtBook is individually printed and carefully inspected before being folded by hand to be placed in the book.

Your images are reproduced using archival giclee pigment inks on gorgeous matte paper. This paper provides stunningly rich color to one of the two archival museum-grade paper choices*. Every ArtBook is covered in beautiful fabric or leather from a huge collection and can be further personalized with custom embossing and other embellishments. The variety available for the Artbook means that we can create an album that is unique to you and your wedding day. The above images are just some of the possibilities.

The Artbook comes with 30 pages and 70 images with an option to upgrade to 40/50/60/70 pages. It also includes your choice of any of the covers and embossing or embellishments.

The Aria book

AriaBook is the quintessential flush mount album featuring photographic paper in a lay-flat design. This paper is renowned for its fantastic print quality. This is a fabulous paper choice and most of our photographers offer the AriaBook as their “standard” album choice.This is a paragraph. Click edit and enter your own text. You can make changes like making the text bold, underline or italic.

With the Aria book, you can have your names embossed in gold, silver, white or empty. Your cover can be made from Natural Linen, Premium Pastels, and leatherlike. (options to upgrade to other covers are available)

Parent Albums

Parent albums are simple clones to a main AriaBook or ArtBook sold in sets of 2 or 4 with matching cover material and slim lustre pages. These duplicates are fantastic additions as gifts, parent books, or grandparent books.

Presentation boxes

All albums come in a canvas wrap and paper box but personalised hand crafted boxes are available. These boxes are made from strong wooden core and wrapped in beautiful linens to match your album. These boxes are not only practical but beautiful, taking your album to another level of elegance.

How does it all work?

1 -Which album? I have three albums to choose from. The Journal Book, The Art Book, and the Aria. Choose your book.

2- Which photographs? Choosing the photographs for your album can be quite overwhelming for some people and others love doing it. To cater to everyone's needs I offer two options. A -I choose the photographs for you or B - you choose them yourself. If you are choosing them yourself you just need to pop them into a separate folder in your gallery called Album images. I can make this for you.

3 - How many photographs? All of my books come with 30 pages and 70 images. Depending on the size of your wedding and how much you had covered you may want to add more pages. You can add pages in increments of 10 pages and 15 additional images.

4 - You will need to choose how you would like the cover to look. For this, I need to know the fabric, color, and what you would like written on the cover. The swatches are all below.

5 - I need to know if you want to have parent books or a custom-made presentation.

6 - Once I know what you need I will ask for a down payment of 40% before I start the design process.

7 - Once I have your book designed I will send you an online draft which you can look through. If there is anything that you would like to change you can add notes to the album, I will then edit it and send you a second draft for your approval before sending it took be printed.

8 - Your book will take around 5 weeks to be printed and shipped to me in Dublin. It would be lovely if you could collect it so that we can look at it together but I can ship it to you in Ireland for free. I may have to charge if you live abroad.

The Covers

No amount of images or info can do these albums justice. I really recommend popping to see me and flick through one of these books yourself. I'd love you to see and feel how special they really are.