We have been in lockdown for almost a year now. People often ask me 'how is business, it must be tough?' with a concerned look on their faces. It has been tough, I haven't had much work but the work I have had has been incredible and I then launch into stories of the weddings that I have shot. Every single wedding that I shot in the last year has a story and it is totally unique.

Couples have been through so much to get married this past year. They have had to make hard choices, be so patient, be creative, and want it so much. This combination of creative thinking and sheer determination has created some of the most memorable weddings that I will ever document. These weddings are extra special not just for the couples but for everyone involved. The suppliers cant wait to get out working and be creative. The guests are bursting to see their loved ones and be surrounded by so much joy and the couple is overjoyed because they actually made it!

This is Akriti and Kevin. On the 16th February, they were supposed to have a huge wedding in India, needless to say............ They did not want their day to pass. It was their day and they were going to soldier on. They and I live close to the Botanic Garden and decided that it would be our location. Akriti and Kevin adorned their bridal gear, bouquets, Boutonnieres, the works! They even packed a bottle of champagne and fancy glasses. They looked amazing we had so much fun, we got well wishes from countless passers-by and I got to capture them at their very best.

I really admire these two for not letting this pandemic take their special time away from them. I was so happy to witness and capture the love they have for each other. The best part is that they still have a really big wedding celebration to look forward to when normal life resumes.